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The competition is here.

Stay in front of it.

Create a school experience that is so good families choose in, not out.

Declining enrollment
& School Choice

Declining Enrollment

Create a school experience that is so good

families choose in, not out.

Listen to the needs of your school community with K12 Insight. And build brand loyalty with students, parents, teachers and staff.

Level the playing field

Declining Enrollment Product Shot

Level the playing field

With the first customer experience
solution for K-12 schools.

Ask your community for feedback

Give your community a safe, easy way to start a conversation with you — from anywhere.

Save time and collaborate on responses

Improve workflow and reach across teams to promptly respond to every student or community concern.

Measure your progress–and build your brand

Use real-time customer insights to measure and improve school climate
and keep families enrolled and engaged.

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Learn 5 key strategies to compete in the age of school choice and competition.

Go deep with actionable insights

Identify potential blind spots

Get an inside look at the issues your community cares about — and plan accordingly.

Assess school climate

Deploy proven research to measure 5 dimensions of school quality and climate.

Learn why families leave

Use what you learn to determine why families choose out. Then give them more reasons to stay.

Actional Insight Decline

Better customer experiences matter, but it’s what you learn that helps you stand out from the crowd.


States forecasted to show public school enrollment declines by 2026

Find out why

Testimonial Quote

Ft. Wayne Community Schools

“We’re not a monopoly just because we are the public school system. We have to understand our customers and treat them the way customers want to be treated.”

Dr. Wendy Robinson
Ft. Wayne Community Schools


Whether they decide to stay or go depends on how your schools make them feel.


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