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The Challenge

For decades, the local school system was the only game in town. But times have changed. In today’s consumer-oriented world, families want and deserve great school customer service.

The Opportunity

By listening and responding in a timely fashion to community concerns, you can build loyalty, improve school customer service and keep parents and students from choosing out.

How K12 Insight can help

The K12 Insight platform helps you and your teams raise the bar on school customer service by engaging families in two-way conversations about the issues that matter most to them.

  • Give students and parents an easy way to reach you with questions or concerns, 24/7
  • Track your responses to meet and exceed school customer service goals
  • Engage your community in real talk about how to improve the school experience
  • Track KPIs, such as how many people have submitted feedback, which topics are trending, and which comments still need a reply
    • Ask for feedback and show stakeholders that their voices count

Take it from some of our school partners

“Our focus on service has increased our credibility. Let’s Talk! has given people a way to feel important, because their opinions matter.”

Dr. Wendy Robinson,
Ft. Wayne Community Schools, Indiana

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