Lead with confidence.
Get expert guidance and support.


Lead with confidence.
Get expert guidance and support.

How we work

Our team of veteran school leaders and communications professionals works as an extension of your staff to increase project participation, drive community engagement and deliver stronger results — every time.


Christina Courson, Communications Specialist
Hays Consolidated Independent School District, Texas

“K12 Insight provided emergency on-site support during a community protest.
The recommendations helped us improve the culture of a troubled campus.”

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Resources for every challenge

Listening plans

Hear from every voice before you make important decisions.

Board retreats and trust building

Establish bonds between district officials and board members.

Communications audits

Hone your messaging to better tell your district’s story.

Presentation and press materials

Go beyond data with custom internal and external communications resources.

Focus groups

Find out what your community really thinks through targeted conversations.

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We’ll break down your current plan and suggest improvements.

We can help you achieve your vision


Our team of former administrators, Ph.D. researchers, and school communications professionals has decades of combined K12 leadership experience. Working with our partners to improve education is more than just a goal. It’s personal.

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