During its meeting on July 17, 2018, the District 97 Board of Education authorized the
development of bid documents for the expansion project that is scheduled to take place at
Lincoln Elementary School, and includes the following additions and renovations.
  • Addition of seven classrooms
  • Addition of space for special education that includes a sensory room
  • Addition/renovation of space for specials (art and music)
  • Addition of an elevator and a chair lift to promote and provide improved accessibility throughout the building
  • Renovation of some classrooms
  • Renovation/expansion of the multi-purpose room
  • Renovation of the library, which will include space to offer instruction in STEAM
  • Renovation of space for student services (nurse, OP/PT, speech, social work, EL, etc.)
  • Addition of conference and office space
  • Performance of exterior site improvements that will include restoring play space disrupted by the expansion

These upgrades will enable us to effectively meet the needs of Lincoln’s growing student
population, while also providing flexibility should the school’s projected enrollment
require additional changes in the future. While no final decision has been made yet, our
work on the building may also include the replacement of windows.

The estimated construction cost of the Lincoln expansion is approximately $15.3 million.
This estimate does not include the cost of items such as furniture, fixtures, equipment,
architectural fees, construction manager fees, abatement and contingencies.

The goal is to complete the expansion by the start of the 2019-20 school year.

We will keep the community updated on the status of this project, and encourage you to use the form below to send us any comments, questions or thoughts you have about it. 

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