Securing the Pathways Sinking Fund

When our students are successful, Lansing wins.

Lansing’s schools play an important role in our city’s growth. In recent years, as part of a bold effort to re-imagine the future, Lansing redoubled its commitment to delivering the best learning opportunities to students.

Together, we backed a new educational vision and plan for change—the Lansing Pathway Promise.

Today, the Lansing School District provides each and every local student with solid learning pathways, free transportation to any school in the district, and a scholarship to continue learning after high school. And, it’s paying off.

Graduation rates are up. Test scores are improving. And—most important of all—students and families say they are excited about the learning opportunities we offer.

We need to keep the momentum going.

Lansing’s school buildings are 60 years old, on average. We’ve been able to make many essential improvements in recent years, thanks to previous local voter support. But there’s still work to be done:

  • Important safety improvements and building repairs are needed in each and every one of Lansing’s schools.
  • Roofs, boilers, and other weak infrastructure need replacement to ensure student safety and distraction-free learning (plus — bonus! — an overall reduction in our district’s energy use).
  • All Lansing students — not just those in our newest buildings — need to be equally safe and protected by secure entry points and electronic security cameras.

An opportunity to secure the foundation we’ve built.

On May 7, 2019, the Lansing School District is asking voters to consider the “Securing the Pathways” plan — a three-mill boost over a 10-year period. If approved, this investment would pay huge dividends for students and staff over the long term.

Our students can be kept safer, our neighborhoods can grow even stronger, and our community can continue to develop essential talent, right here at home.

Please vote on May 7.

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