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Report Bullying

Report Bullying or Harassment
Bullying is never okay.  To report an incident of bullying or harassment,  please click the appropriate school site below and you will be taken to a standard online form.  Provide all the information you know that can help staff members deal with the issue including where the incident(s) took place; dates; times; names of those involved, as well as the type of behavior being reported.  Please include as much detail as possible so that we can assist you.

Types of items to report here are: If you feel unsafe or know someone who feels unsafe at school due to bullying; harassment; intimidation; cyber-bullying; fights; drugs; alcohol; etc.

If you want a response, be sure to include contact information.  Lets Talk sends an email to a school administrator with the information submitted through your online form.  You will hear from a staff member within one business day. 

​PLEASE NOTE: TVUSD Safe School Resources and Support
Emergency/Suicide/Mental Health Concerns - Click on Mental Health Resources Button
If you have an imminent concern for yours or someone else's safety or an emergency, please call 911 immediately.  Do not hesitate.  If you are concerned that someone is contemplating harm to themselves, please click on the Mental Health Resources Button below for additional after-hour community contacts for support.  This platform is not monitored 24/7 for real-time emergencies. 

Report A Threat - Click on Report A Threat Button
If you need to report a threat, please click on the Report A Threat Button below to submit it directly to our safety and security team.  If the threat is imminent, please call 911.  This platform is not monitored 24/7 for real-time emergencies.

Feedback - Bullying/Harassment and Safety/Security - Click on Feedback/Suggestions Buttons
TVUSD encourages families, students, and staff to share feedback, suggestions, and concerns with us.  When you submit feedback through the Feedback Buttons listed below,  your dialogues are automatically delivered to the Board of Education and district administrators.  Our goal is to promote two-way dialogue and engagement around these important topics.  

Report Bullying/Harassment Elementary Schools

Report Bullying/Harassment Middle Schools

Report Bullying/Harassment High Schools

Report Bullying/Harassment Independent Study

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