The purpose of the TIPS276 reporting tool is for students, staff and community members of the Minnetonka Public School District to report situations and incidents involving: 

  • harassment
  • discrimination
  • bullying
  • suspicious behavior
  • sale or use of drugs
  • weapons
  • domestic violence
  • concerns regarding a student or staff member
  • crimes against students, staff or the school district
  • any other non-academic issue that does not require immediate assistance.

This reporting tool is not monitored 24/7. For an immediate response to an emergency situation, please call 911 or use one of the following resources: 

Crisis Text Line: Text ‘HOME’ to 741-741
National Suicide Hotline: Call 1-800-273-8255
Local County Crisis Team: Call **CRISIS (**274747) 

Before submitting your concern, first please consider whether your concern could be addressed by a District teacher, counselor, the principal or another administrator who you trust. If so, please contact that person directly. Tips regarding academic issues should be addressed with a teacher or school counselor.
If you have a non-emergency concern but you do not have a trusted adult in the school district to share the concern with and/or you would like to report something confidentially, please use this reporting tool. 

Whether your concern is regarding an incident that has already occurred or one that you believe may take place, please submit your concern along with any details you have, so the District can investigate. 

Concerns submitted through this reporting tool will be taken seriously. Efforts will be placed on confidentiality, and all concerns will be investigated in a timely manner. (Please note, it is a federal crime to anonymously annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any person via the internet.)

Please select the school or office this is concerningQuestion is mandatory
What is your concern?
My concern is aboutQuestion is mandatory
Tell us who you areQuestion is mandatory
Have you reported this to a staff member in the school district?Question is mandatory
By checking this box, I understand that all content submitted via this form is true and reported in good faith. I understand that submitting false information may have adverse consequences?Question is mandatory
By checking this box, I understand this reporting tool is not monitored 24/7. I am not using this tool to report an emergency, as I know emergencies should be reported immediately by calling 911.Question is mandatory
How can we contact you? Please enter your name and at least one form of contact. If you leave this section blank, you will remain anonymous and we will be unable to follow up with you.

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