Superintendent Dan Troxell, Ph.D. wants to hear from students. Each month, we share a new topic or prompt for student submissions. There is no length or format requirement; we want to give students an opportunity to engage with Dr. Troxell. We love getting artwork and photos or videos to accompany any submission.

Please provide us with contact information so we can follow-up. We may use submissions in local newspapers, on our website, or social media pages.

If you are a teacher submitting responses from your students, please list your contact information.

Voice for Change
We feel like our public schools play a critical role in developing the next generation's leaders. We celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in January and we celebrate Presidents Day in February. Who is a leader from history that you admire? Please share a story about a leader who inspires you and explain why. 

Release: February 4, 2018
Due: February 11, 2018


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