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Please read the message below prior to submitting a dialogue through this platform related to employment verification.

Current Austin ISD Staff

In an effort to provide a more efficient system for employment or income verification, Austin ISD now uses uConfirm. This process provides instant, automated employment and income verification for Austin ISD staff. Whether it’s for refinancing a mortgage, renting an apartment, buying a car, or applying for a VISA, uConfirm provides quick and accurate verification at no cost to the employee.

Employees can email their request to uConfirm at or call (404) 382-5400 (option 2) or Toll-free (866) 312-UCON.

Submit any Loan Forgiveness paperwork by scrolling down and completing the second section. Attach your documents so that we can process and complete them. (DO NOT send to uConfirm.)

Employment Verifiers

Creditors who require proof of employment or income should visit the uConfirm web site at Verifiers may also call uConfirm directly using either of the phone numbers below:

Phone: (404) 382-5400 (option 2)

Toll-free: (866) 312-UCON (option 2)

Social Service Agencies

uConfirm fulfills these requests at no cost to the agency.

Fax: (404) 829-1336 (include employee's SSN, employer name, return fax number or address)

Former Austin ISD Staff, Loan Forgiveness, and any other type of verification forms should continue to be submitted to the district for completion. You can attach the form to your Let's Talk! submission below. DO NOT SUBMIT TO UConfirm.

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