At Austin ISD, we encourage you to pursue leadership opportunities and we have a robust training program to support your journey.

The AISD Urban Education Leadership Academy provides a year-long training for prospective principals and assistant principals. Participants receive classroom training based on AISD’s proprietary curriculum and have monthly opportunities to learn from district leaders.

Through a special collaboration with AISD, Texas State University offers a master’s program for select AISD teachers working on a principal certification.

The AISD Novice Principal Program supports new principals with one-on-one coaching from a retired principal, and the new principal cohort meets for monthly gatherings.

In addition to these programs, AISD also offers a professional learning series for assistant principals during the school year and summer.

AISD has crafted a leadership training experience that incorporates a tailored curriculum, multiple learning modalities and valuable face time with seasoned mentors. At AISD, we applaud you as an aspiring leader, and we actively help you achieve your goals.

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