The Loudoun County School Board provides a wide variety of instructional resources to support and enrich the educational program of the schools. An instructional resource is any resource used in schools to include digital, curriculum, library, and display resources, as well as any programming resources. Instructional resources are used to complement School Board adopted textbooks. (Policy 5045)

LCPS Policy 5045 Regulation provides selection objectives and criteria that should be applied to any instructional resource considered for use during instruction that are not the primary instructional resource for a course.  Primary instructional resources are covered under the LCPS School Board Textbook Adoption policy (Policy 5130).

LCPS recognizes that parents should guide their children in the selection of choice instructional resources, and there are times when a resource may not align with their family values. In such a situation, we invite parents to meet with school staff to collaboratively select alternate recommendations or solutions. If the parent is not happy with the resolution and would like to challenge the book formally, they should complete the form below.
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