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Bus registration for the 2023-24 school year with our new provider Zūm Services is now open: Register to Ride

Find registration links, student expectations, FAQs, and more at SPS Busing.


Spokane Public Schools students who attend their assigned neighborhood school AND live outside the established walk-zone boundary (1-mile straight line direction for elementary, 1.5-mile straight line direction for secondary) are eligible to register for yellow bus transportation.

PLEASE NOTE: The walk-zone boundary is determined by a straight-line distance around the school and may not match a travel path distance. Use of a straight line to determine a boundary is standard practice at school districts across the country.

Special education students, HEART students, and students attending Option schools are also eligible.

If your student needs specialized transportation, please contact your student's case manager or contact your school office to register. 

High school students who live outside the walk-zone use tranportation via Spokane Transit Authority, unless they live in an neighborhood with limited STA access; please visit STA Information to learn more.


If you need your student's ID number, please complete the form below and include your student's name, grade, school, and address so we can verify their information. We will also need to verify your identity through your contact information.

If you have other questions about busing, please complete the form. We will do our best to respond to you in two business days. We appreciate your patience as staff respond to messages in the order they are received.

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