If you don’t see your question answered below, or in any of the FAQs listed below, please submit it in the area at the bottom of this page. Our goal is to respond with an answer within 24 hours.Why did we decide to close school?

Because of the COVID-19 virus and its fast and dangerous spread, we made the decision to close GIPS until further notice. We consulted the local Central District Health Department, other local agencies, other area and regional school districts and state officials before making the decision. We are in frequent communication with the Nebraska commissioner of education as well as Gov. Ricketts.

How long until we return to school?

At this point, we are closed indefinitely. We do not know when it will be safe to return to our schools. We are assuming it will be many weeks before we return.

What will happen with events that are canceled? Will they be made up?

Some events will be canceled and not made up. Others will have alterations made so they can proceed. Many will be postponed until a time it is determined to be safe. Without knowing when that time will be, it is hard to set new dates for any events.

Will we have class from home?

Our GIPS eLearning structure is a cross between class at school and class at home. There will be connections with teachers via technology and video online. There will also be many opportunities for students to be creative, exercise, play and relax reading offline. For more details, read the eLearning FAQ.

What is the best way to contact my principal or teacher?

The best way to contact any individual staff member during this situation is via email. All staff emails are listed in the online Staff Directory.

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