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My GIPS computer has a hardware problem (e.g., broken screen, keys not working, no power) what do I do?

Complete this form. Include your first and last name, email address, phone number, a brief but detailed description of the problem, and (if applicable) the name of your child and the school they attend. A help desk technician will be in contact to discuss next steps such as scheduling a remote desktop support call or a time and location for the device to be dropped off for repair.

How do I connect to WiFi on a Chromebook?

Click here  to find out how.

My camera and microphone are not working on websites, what do I do?

Restart your computer and follow these instructions: click here.

The microphone is not working when video conferencing, what do I do?

Hangouts Meet: move cursor to lower right corner of screen. Click three vertical dots and choose "Settings". Choose "Default - Internal Mic".

Zoom: move cursor to lower left corner of screen. Next to the microphone icon, click the up ^ icon and choose "Same as System (Default - internal Mic)".

*Notes: (1) if using a headset, there will be another mic choice and you may toggle to that one.  (2) When a student is not talking, their microphone should be muted. This is toggled on/off by clicking directly on the microphone icon.

At the login screen, my computer is telling me to put in my old password, what do I do?

Click "Forgot your password", then choose "Continue anyway", then enter your current username and password.  If that does not fix the issue, the Chromebook will need to be wiped (factory reset). Click the following link to learn how: English | Spanish


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