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Grand Island Public Schools is now into the second full week of eLearning and we continue to improve and grow our at-home education processes.

A big question we have heard from parents is about assignments and grading. We are providing the following FAQ to help clarify our processes and procedures.

If you have further questions, please continue to ask by either reaching out to your school principal or submitting your question via Let’s Talk. We will strive to answer all questions within 24 hours.

Are teachers still giving new assignments? If so, are the assignments covering new content?

Yes, teachers are expected to give new assignments, including those covering new content.

Are assignments being graded? 

Assignments covering new content are not graded. They do not impact final grades.

The exception is students taking dual credit or AP courses. Dual credit courses through our higher education partners are an exception to the grading freeze. These courses are delivered from a college or a community college. Students have paid for these courses and will receive college credit for these courses. As a result, teachers are following the grading and assignment  recommendations of the colleges these courses are through. AP teachers will continue to follow the guidance from the College Board to prepare students to take their AP exams. 

While no other new assignments are graded, students can still turn in makeup or missed assignments assigned before eLearning began in order to improve their grade. This previously assigned work can improve a student’s final grade.

High school students can improve grades by working with teachers on assignments from January 6 through March 6.

This includes all students, including seniors at GISH, Success Academy and Ombudsman, who need to make up work in order to graduate, as well as any student who needs credit recovery or is credit deficient.

The Freshman Explore classes are listed as quarterly grades. They will be entered as “pass” in grade books.

Middle school students can improve grades by working with teachers on assignments from February 21 through March 6.

Is there an expectation of attendance for students?

Yes. All students are expected to engage in learning opportunities provided by their teachers. Teachers and principals are monitoring student engagement on a regular basis and contacting students and their parents who are not engaged to see how we can support them. Engagement includes logging in, joining virtual classes and Google Hangouts, viewing videos and completing assignments.

If there are no grades, how are teachers holding students accountable? What is the purpose?

Teachers are expected to give students daily feedback on their work. Effective teacher feedback is an evidence-based strategy to keep students engaged in learning. Feedback provides guidance for students to be reflective of their work and progress toward learning goals.

Is this consistent across all teachers, grades and schools?

Other than the few exceptions for dual credit and AP classes, the above answers cover all students in the district. If you are encountering something different, please reach out to your school principal with concerns.

How much time should students be working on eLearning and school work?

We have instructed teachers to adhere to time guidelines, knowing families have a wide range of circumstances. We have to have a continuous learning plan that is sensitive to the needs of families. These time guidelines should include the amount of time expected for students to watch class videos, read and complete assignments.

PreK-5: total 80-100 minutes*
  • Reading: 20-25 minutes
  • Writing: 20-25 minutes
  • Math: 20-25 minutes
  • Science: 20-25 minutes
  • *Specials Teachers are developing a bank of activities for students and families to engage in
Middle school: 170-200 minutes
  • Reading: 30 minutes
  • Writing: 30 minutes
  • Math: 30 minutes
  • Science: 30 minutes
  • Social studies: 30 minutes
  • Specials & explore: 20-30 minutes
High school: 135-180 minutes
  • All classes: 45 minutes of continuous learning per day, following the A/B schedule

GIPS eLearning  

GIPS eLearning began Monday, March 23. All students should have their materials. If not, parents should contact their school principals to make arrangements.

Parents should work with students to develop schedules and routines during this period of eLearning. 

Teachers are available via email and have created lessons for eLearning. Students should check in with their teachers daily.

During this time, grades will be frozen until classes resume. However, in accordance with GIPS grading policy any student concerned or wanting to improve their current grade can work with their teacher to develop an individual plan to be provided opportunities to correct work, complete alternative assessments, redo work, make-up missing work or submit additional work to improve their grade. No new work will be graded during this time.

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