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    GIPS Models for Reopening

    "GIPS Reimagined" is a guide to opening Grand Island Public Schools for the 2020-2021 school year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The intention is to be in GIPS Reimagined; we strive to have all kids safely in school. The goal is to start with GIPS Reimagined in the fall. GIPS will work with the Central District Health Department (CDHD), local medical officials, local and state leaders, the Nebraska Department of Education and others in making decisions on which model to be in, as well as if a need arises to move from one model to another, all based on the community context of Grand Island and Directed Health Measures (DHM) for Hall County.

    • To view the full GIPS Reimagined guide, click here.


    Majority of students are served onsite, with the option of Virtual as determined by district guidelines

    This model assumes school will open under safety guidelines, with some restrictions and slight capacity reductions. Most students will be served onsite, some will be served online and others will be served through a combination of onsite and online. All student placements are to be approved by GIPS on an individual basis. Parents will be engaged in the decision making to determine which students are served via Virtual School.

    • To view Meal Information in this model, click here and go to page 29. 


    Specific predetermined programs and services will be onsite, others will be served remotely via eLearning

    This model assumes capacity will be heavily restricted due to social distancing expectations. GIPS will determine a specific set of programs and services to be served onsite. These will be experiences most in need of being delivered hands-on, with in-person instruction and support. Others will be served remotely online.

    • To view Meal Information in this model, click here and go to page 29.


    Due to restrictions all students are taught remotely via eLearning

    Based on conditions and restrictions, this model would be in place if no students or too low of a number of programs or services could be provided onsite. All students would receive services remotely via eLearning.

    • To view Food Distribution in this model, click here and go to pages 62-63.

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