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One of the most important responsibilities of a School Board is to develop policies to guide the direction of the school district. The School Board’s role is to set policy, while the role of the Superintendent is to implement those policies and use them in the day-today management of the district.

The Board of Directors for Seattle Public Schools (SPS) takes this responsibility seriously and believes:
  • That policies should be high level and directional, giving the Superintendent, staff, families and members of the public a clear idea about the goals, mission and vision of the district;
  • That policies are a key governance tool to be used in making decisions such as budget, evaluation of the Superintendent, and development of a strategic plan;
  • That School Board policies can be used by the Superintendent to hold staff accountable;
  • That policies should be aspirational, but should also be implementable.
 Please visit our website to read our School Board Policies and Superintendent Procedures.
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