A new calendar proposed for the 2023-24 school year. There are proposed changes to the traditional 4J District Calendar for the 2023-24 school year, and we would like your feedback.

The proposed schedule includes starting the school year before Labor Day. Grades K, 6 and 9 would start on Wednesday, August 30. The first day for students in the remaining grades would be on Thursday, August 31.

The earlier start date will increase the number of instructional days, allow for greater flexibility throughout the year (to add make-up hazardous weather days for example), enable a longer Thanksgiving break which is a historically low attendance week, and provide for a softer start for students returning after the long summer break.

Thanksgiving break would be extended to three days, from November 22–24. No-school parent-teacher conference days for grades K–8 would occur on November 20–21, with the exact schedule varying by school.

Please take a look at the proposed schedule below and then we invite you to share your input on the potential schedule changes using the form below.

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