This is an imageIn alignment with the LCPS mission of empowering all students to make meaningful contributions to the world, the Office of the Ombuds is committed to empowering students and fostering an enriched division and engaged community. The Ombuds strives to provide regular opportunities to support student voice, to build a culture of continuous improvement, and cultivate an engaged community by deepening relationships and empowering all students, families, employees, and community members to advocate for a positive educational experience and a thriving school and work environment. The Office of the Ombuds supports the core values of holistic support, equity and opportunity, trust through listening, and continuous improvement.

When to Contact the Ombuds

  • When you want help resolving an issue that impacts student success or the school/work environment
  • When you want to understand an LCPS process or where to go for assistance

  • When you need an impartial resource, thought partner, sounding board, or coach to assist with navigating a concern
 ​All submissions are private, confidential, and routed directly to the Ombuds. If you prefer to reach out to the Ombuds via phone, please call 571-252-2447.
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