Welcome to Let's Talk at Lunch!

Welcome to Let’s Talk at Lunch!, where Valley Stream 30 leaders are available for one-on-one dialogues with parents and community members on pre-selected topics.

Each month, a building or district administrator will be available twice during the month to answer your questions or respond to your comments live via Let's Talk.

November's topic will be Curriculum: Tips to Support Learning at Home. Dr. France will be available on November 17th and November 30th from 11:30am-12:30pm to respond immediately to questions or comments you might have in November.

If you'd like to engage in a dialogue on this topic, simply click the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Chat button, select either Question, Comment, Suggestion, Concern, or Compliment, and type your thoughts in the text box. Let us know who you are if you would like (or remain anonymous), scroll down and click Submit.

Let's Talk at Lunch! is part of Valley Stream 30's continuing efforts to enhance communication with our parents and community stakeholders. Thank you for being a part of it!
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