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Superintendent Dr. Bret Champion wants all members of the Klein ISD community to have a place where questions can be submitted and suggestions received. Klein ISD Let's Talk is that place! We want to hear from you and we will listen, answer your questions, and take your input. From time to time, we will also ask you to tell us your thoughts around a specific topic. Below are interest areas: Listen & Learn, Shared Vision, Lemm Transition and Curriculum Refresh. Each of these contains topics of choice depending on your question, concern, or focus.

Once you click on a topic below and make a submission, the appropriate person will be notified. If you are unsure which topic to choose, click on Something Else? and your submission will be routed for you. If you ask a question or request a response, don't forget to share your contact information, including your email address. You may also choose to remain anonymous if you want to report a concern but do not need a response.

Please note, Klein ISD Let’s Talk! should not replace face-to-face meetings or telephone conversations. If your message is urgent, please contact your school or the district office directly. Click here for a directory

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with Dr. Champion and Klein ISD.
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Curriculum Refresh

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Shared Vision

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