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Calendar Survey

Wilson County Schools 

​The goal of this survey is to gain input from stakeholders, about how our instructional days and breaks should be organized for the upcoming school years.  This survey is being administered by K12 Insight.  When the survey window closes, on September 22nd, they will compile the results, and that information will be made public. 
Because the state has very specific laws that dictate the number of instructional days that are required each year, our staff has established three viable options that we’re seeking your input on.  To see a breakdown of how the days are allocated for each Option, click here.
At the bottom of this page, you can also view each calendar option, in greater detail.    
Results of this survey are expected to be returned back to the district AFTER fall break.  Thank you for your input!  We look forward to the results, as we know you do. 

Calendar Options

Calendar Survey FAQ